Alvis was recently told by his physician that his his inability to keep his blood sugar in check would lead to serious complications and conditions affecting many vital organs.  This news prompted his family to begin to question Alvis on how often he checked his glucose levels and whether he was able to routinely check his feet for ulcers.  There were hints that Alvis might need to consider a group home or moving in with a family member.

But Alvis is smart.  With the help of his caregivers, Alvis found a glucose monitoring system that didn’t require him to prick a finger and could be relayed to his relatives via an app.  Alvis even found some socks with embedded feet sensors that alert him in early stages if an ulcer is potentially developing.  Avis’s relatives no longer worry about his Diabetes control because they can see how often he checks his glucose levels and that his feet are being monitored to prevent potential loss of limbs.

Alvis is happy.


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