Alvis has amazed his friends with his ability to retain independence while satisfying the natural concerns of family members that he is safe and secure.  Alvis is often asked by friends his age whether his family is even concerned about him.  As it turns out, Alvis’s family was initially as concerned as most families.  They worried about falls, medication, loneliness and many other issues family members typically worry about regarding their elderly family member who is becoming frail but still fiercely independent.

But Alvis is smart.

Alvis listened carefully to all the things that made his family concerned and created an Alexa enabled day that gave his family the assurances they needed that he could be safe and secure while living alone.

Here is how Alvis uses Alexa throughout a typical day:

7:00 am   Alexa alerts Alvis that it is time to wake up

8:00 am   Alexa reminds Alvis that his first does of medicine for the day is due

8:05 am   Alvis asks Alexa for his calendar for the day and is surprised to learn that his dental appointment is this afternoon

9:00 am  After breakfast, Alvis asks Alexa for the day’s hourly weather

9:30 am  Alvis asks Alexa for his daily news feed

10:00 am  Alvis asks Alexa for yesterday’s step count to see how he is doing with his movement goals

10:30 am  Alvis gets a video call from his son just to check in on Alvis

11:00 am  Alvis asks Alexa for a friendly game of Jeopardy

11:30  am  Alvis asks Alexa for the time and date

12:00  pm  Alvis needs a liters-to-ounce conversion in the kitchen and Alexa is able to help

1:00 pm  Alvis does another time check with Alexa

2:00 pm  Alvis notices that he is running low on Bananas and asks Alexa to add them to his shopping list

2:30pm  Alvis is alerted that it is time to go to his dental appointment

4:30 pm  Alvis returns home feeling slightly dizzy and asks Alex for his heartrate

5:00 pm  Alvis asks Alexa for another news update

6:00 pm  Alvis gets a reminder to take his meds following dinner

7:00 pm  Alvis asks Alexa to play some of his favorite music

9:00 pm  Alvis tells Alexa to text his family that all is well and he is going to bed

Alvis is happy.

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